Manjappada launched #StopCyberAbuse Campaign !

  • June 23, 2019
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We have become more organised and active fans over the past 5 years of our Journey with Kerala Blasters FC. We have shown our fan power, as support to our players in the stadium at the same time as a fearsome force to reckon with, for our opponents. We have outnumbered most of our rival fans at our home as well as away stadiums. We remained a loyal 12th man for our team that most of ISL clubs can’t even dream of. We still need to bring about further changes on several aspects. Certain incidents of cyber bullying have been noted against several of our players as well as officials during the past 5 years. Indeed there were hard times for both KBFC and Manjappada. We have seen the bottom table, We haven’t seen the top 4 for the past 2 years, Lost against our rivals and Our players have missed several opportunities. We have the right to criticize them on all these aspects. By Criticizing, players and officials might be able to rectify their mistakes and take a positive approach on their next hurdle. But Some of the fans were abusing them, in extreme cases even their family members were abused. Every player will have his days of bad form. It is unfair to bully them on cyber space. Fear of cyber bullying might only help the players to under perform. Even some players have expressed the hard time cyber bullies have given them. Cyber bullying not only affects their career but also their personal life. Bullying by some of the random fans have been even mistaken as deeds of manjappada. Manjappada have never supported bullying and never will. There are practical difficulties in stopping the entire cyber bullying by the snap of a finger. But as Manjappada members we should take an oath that we will not indulge ourselves in Cyber Bullying. Be a Gentleman. Be a Critic Not a Bully.

Be a Gentleman, be a Critic but not a bully.


– Navaneeth Antony

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